9/20--22 Equinox Weekend Retreat
Friday Evening, All Day/Evening Saturday & Sunday until 2pm.
$126 by 9/13 - $153 thereafter
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"The Process of Empowerment" ~ The weekend will include rituals for empowerment, sessions on the 'How and Why of tradition puja' from a scientific perspective that examines how practices effect the brain, Yoga Nidra and Chakra Healing, 'Learn to chant The Sri Suktam' ( a powerful hymn for properity), a tantric fire ritual and more.
There are a few options for staying the weekend at the venue as well as space for camping, hot tubbing and a meal plan option.
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8/30 Siri Jyoti 6pm: N Portland
9/6 Siri Jyoti 6pm: SE Portland
9/8 Ganesha Chaturti 6pm: N PDX
9/13 Siri Jyoti 6pm: Beaverton
9/20 Musical Siri Jyoti 6pm: SW Portland

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Our bodies are living Sri Chakras and these powers of god are all within us and can be cultivated by worship through a Chakra (Yantra or Empowered Statue), Fire or a Living Shakti!

Siri Jyoti ~ A Community empowerment Ritual

"Sages in India meditated for thousands of years on how to reduce misery and enhance happiness. In their visions arose the form of Sri Chakra. It combined geometry, sounds and life to appreciate the nameless formless power of God. It is the king of all Yantras, with nine layers of Shaktis covering the light of God in the from of stars, lotuses and squares. The Shaktis are embodiments of Power, Passion and Beauty." ~ Sri Amritananda

Portland, OR
Friday Evening Siri Jyotis

6pm drawing the yantra
7pm ritual begins

8/30 North Portland
9/6 Southeast Portland
9/13 Beaverton
9/20 Bonny Slope

We draw a 6 foot Sri Chakra, decorate it with grains representing the planets and flowers, then invoke the energies of the cosmic lights of fire, sun and moon into our own bodies . We then amplifiy these enegies through the yantra. This ritual combines internal cultivation and the power comunal worship.
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SriYantra Everyone contains the powers of God/dess within them; this ritual is a means of removing the veils and conditioning that hide this basic truth. It is tantric in nature; it relies on imagery and mantra to awaken hidden energies in the body/mind complex. This ritual comes from ancient wisdom, it connects you to power. It solves your self made problems and those made by society. You will sing and dance your way through life. You will be wealthy, creative and radiate divine light and love to all. It is a form of the Sri Chakra puja, it honors the God/dess in each participant moving us closer to the revelation of the intrinsic truth of the divinity within us all. This puja combines the Mantra (sound form) and Yantra (geometric form) through the vehicle of Tantra. We gather as community, draw and decorate a central yantra with flowers and grains, then offer our individual lights to the central flame. We cultivate the powers of fire, sun and moon in our own bodies as well as the five elements in our chakras. Through internal cultivation and group ritual experience our energies are purified and amplified by the Sri Yantra. We then bring this energy back into ourselves revealing our own true divine nature. The effects are exponentially and cumulative with each ritual. A number are being offered locally culminating in a weekend on the ‘How and Why’ of puja and ‘The Process of Empowerment’ through the lens of science, art and tradition. Check or to RSVP, find location details , any schedule changes or additional dates that may be offered. This is part of a series of puja culmination on a weekend equinox retreat (9/20-22 SW PDX) on 'The How and Why' of puja and 'The Process of Empowerment' through the lens of science, art and tantric tradition.